The terrace


On the terrace of our hotel, you can completely unwind and think only of yourself, relaxing in front of an unforgettable and incomparable sea view.
Allow yourself to be enchanted and transported

by the sea breeze and the intimate atmosphere that only Lavagna and the Blu Hotel can offer, perhaps while enjoying an aperitif or eating a hearty breakfast to help start your day in the best way possible.

The wine bar


Blu hotel is also an elegant and exclusive wine bar that knows how to adapt perfectly to the needs and requests typical of each moment of the day. In the evening, the ideal meeting place is created to create a welcoming place in a relaxed atmosphere, with music in the background on the large terrace with garden in front of the marina. Our wine bar serves tasty aperitifs with a wide selection of selected white and red wines, the best national bubbles and excellent champagnes, craft beers and a variety of cocktails.

All accompanied by inviting appetizers and excellent savory specialties, prepared strictly at home, which will satisfy a demanding clientele eager to taste and sip something unique in quality and originality.